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How Sweet is this Broken Arrow Kiddo?


Can you make a difference?….
One of the BAPD Detectives has a young son who recently celebrated his 5th birthday. When he was asked what gifts he wanted, the boy replied that he wanted food and toys for area pets who are without owners. Friends and relatives responded by giving the young man 26 dog toys, 6 cat toys, over 300 pounds of dog food, over 100 pounds of cat food, 4 sets of bowls, 15 bags of dog/cat treats, 4 dog beds, and assorted dog clothing. All of the items are now being distributed to area animal shelters.

If a 5-year old can make that significant an impact, what are we, as adults, capable of?

Thank you, Cannon, for thinking of others in need before thinking of yourself, and for inspiring us to do the same!
We can ALL make a difference.

-from BAPD


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