Broken Arrow Water is Fine to Drink!


The City of Broken Arrow is increasing its water pretreatment operations in an effort to reduce taste and odor issues with its treated water.

It is important to note that the water is safe to drink, and it is not necessary to boil the water first before using.

Currently, Utilities Department employees are flushing the affected water out of the supply system at strategic locations throughout the City. Customers should begin to notice improvements within the next few days.

The City has received a number of complaints regarding the taste and odor of the treated water. The earthy taste and smell is being caused by algae blooms in the Verdigris River that are now decaying in our raw water source. This phenomenon occurs almost every summer, with varying degrees of impact on the City’s pretreatment operations at the Verdigris River Water Treatment Plant.

Staff will continue to monitor the situation closely and regular updates will be provided to citizens via the City website,


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