Broken Arrow Chef Creates Award-Winning Recipe


Contributed by General Mills

Bringing the food truck phenomenon to bacon-loving fans across Oklahoma, Bryan Bennett delivers delicious mobile food to festival and fairgoers who enjoy “great food and innovative food creations.” The award-winning food truck, specializing in burgers and bacon, launched at the Tulsa State Fair in 2011 and the rest is food truck history.

Bennett got his start in the restaurant and catering industry 20 years ago, launching his first operation in 1995. The food truck’s mobile kitchen now allows Back Street to “grill, smoke, bake and fry foods anywhere,” serving groups from 30 to 7,000 diners. Back Street offers classic, premium and holiday menus with a focus on smoked and grilled meats, barbeque plates, freshly baked brownies, blondies and more.  The mouth-watering Sea Salt Caramel Bacon Pecan Pie sandwiches a hefty helping of Applewood smoked bacon with classic pecan pie ingredients between two Pillsbury™ Frozen Pot Pie Dough Rounds. The food truck also uses the dough for other popular recipes. The sweet-salty-smoky combo is topped with a buttery sea salt caramel sauce. “Outstanding” was the most common review when Bennett first served the pie to some local customers, “they loved it!”

This enterprise is about more than just good food for Bennett, whose “business supports feeding the less-privileged on a continual basis. I have a heart and a passion to serve people great food,” he noted.  Bennett is trained in disaster relief feeding and helped Mercy Chefs feed more than 1,000 people a day during the 2012 West Liberty, Ky., disaster.  As the South Central Region Winner in the 2018 Neighborhood to Nation Recipe Contest, Bennett will receive $5,000 as well as $1,000 to share with a local nonprofit. He has chosen to give the donation to Soldier’s Wish, an organization dedicated to identify the unmet needs of U.S. military personnel, veterans and their families and provide the necessary resources to meet those needs.


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