Broken Arrow Hiring Animal Control Officer


The City of Broken Arrow is looking for a new animal control officer! This full-time position is based at the Animal Shelter (4121 E. Omaha St.). This position is responsible for the enforcement of animal control ordinances and for the management of the animal shelter. Get more info HERE! 

 Essential Job Functions:
  • Responds to animal bite reports; records victim information; transports animal to shelter
  • Responds to wild or stray animal reports; captures and transports animals to shelter
  • Responds to complaints and questions from the general public
  • Assists citizens with setting traps for wild animals; transfers animals from traps to carriers
  • Responds to after-hours calls
  • Euthanizes animals
  • Maintains assigned vehicle and equipment
  • Assists Police Officer on calls involving animals
  • Patrols the city; captures stray animals for transport to shelter
  • Investigates reports of animal cruelty; issues citations and removes animals as appropriate
  • Investigates barking dog complaints
  • Assists the public in the adoption of animals
  • Assists pet owners in the location of pets within the shelter
  • Collects shelter donations
  • Cleans and maintains the animal shelter
  • Quarantines animals as necessary
  • Feeds and waters animals
  • Performs other related duties as assigned



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