Broken Arrow Playhouse: Open Auditions for Happy Days!


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The Broken Arrow Community Playhouse will be auditioning for the Garry Marshall musical “Happy Days: A New Musical” on February 11, 2018 at 6:00 PM at the Playhouse located at 1800 S. Main Street in Broken Arrow.

Julia Chapman will be directing with Music Direction by Tim Turner and Choreography by Tee Brown. Auditions are open and will consist of cold readings from the script. Please prepare a One to Two Minute song that shows your vocal range and strength. The show requires Ten Males and Seven Females, plus ensemble singers and dancers to play teenagers, adult men/women and parents. Ensemble Car Hop Girls need a proficiency on roller skates. Age range portrayals fifteen to sixties. Resumes and Photos not necessary but always welcome. Please wear comfortable clothes for dance audition. Performance dates will be April 20-29, 2018, Fridays and Saturdays at 7:30, Sundays at 2:00. Tell all your friends!

Goodbye gray skies, hello blue! Happy days are here again with Richie, Potsie, Ralph Malph and the unforgettable “king of cool” Arthur “The Fonz” Fonzarelli. Based on the hit Paramount Pictures television series, Happy Days, A New Musical reintroduces one of America’s best loved families, the Cunninghams — yes, Howard, Marion and Joanie are here too — to a whole new generation of kids and parents. The famed drive-in malt shop and number one hangout, Arnold’s, is in danger of demolition. So the gang teams up to save it with a dance contest and a TV-worthy wrestling match. Even Pinky Tuscadero, Fonzie’s childhood sweetheart, returns to help and — lo and behold! — They rekindle their old flame.

Character Description:

Arthur “The Fonz” Fonzarelli- The king of cool, sexy, funny and loaded with charisma, older than the other kids. In his late teens or early 20’s. He wears jeans, white t-shirt, and black leather jacket and motorcycle boots at all times except when he works in the garage where he wears mechanics overalls

Richie Cunningham- High school student, Fonzie’s best friend, all-American, honest and reliable

Pinky Tuscadero- Fonzie’s love interest, sexy, confident, tough and a body to die for. Motorcycle daredevil. Same age as Fonzie.

Howard Cunningham- Richie’s dad, the quintessential mid- western head of household. A man in his 40’s.

Marion Cunningham- Richie’s mom, warm, naïve and wise. In her 40’s.

Joanie Cunningham- Richie’s younger sister, 15-16 years old, loveable, precocious and has a big crush on Chachi.

Charles ‘Chachi’ Arcola- Fonzie’s cousin who tries to be just like him. Probably 15 or 16. Likes Joanie.

Ralph Malph- High School Buddy of Richie’s. He is the class clown.

Warren ‘Potsie’ Webber- High school buddy of Richie’s, not very cool, but tries hard to be. He is a bit of a nerd.

Bully/Leopard Manny Moon/Myron ‘Count’ Malachi/Elvis- Bully- big tough guy

Leopard Manny Moon- Howard’s Leopard Lodge brother and principal of the High School

Myron ‘Count’ Malachi- half of the Malachi brothers, Fonzie’s nemesis, greaser type, overly dramatic, in his 20’s

Elvis- Elvis Presley circa late ‘50’s- may be played by someone playing multiple roles

Leopard Mac Gates-Howard’s Leopard Lodge Brother /Jumpy Malachi/James Dean

Jumpy Malachi- Other half of Malachi brothers, filled with nervous energy, greaser type in his 20’s

James Dean- the 1950’s movie icon-may be played by someone playing multiple roles

Arnold Delvecchio- A man in his 50’s, owner of Arnold’s malt shop, member of the Leopard Lodge

Lori Beth Allen/Calendar Girl- Sweet, lovely, “girl next door” type. Richie’s girlfriend, high school student.

Pinkette Lola/Car Hop Girl/Calendar Girl/Ensemble- Attractive dancer & singer

Pinkette Tina/Car Hop Girl/Calendar Girl/Ensemble- Attractive dancer & singer

Ensemble Boys- Dancers/singers to play teenagers, rebels, etc.

Ensemble Men-Dancers/Singers to play adult men and parents.

Nerd Girl- Nerd Daughter of Principle Moon

Ensemble Girls/Car Hop Girls/Calendar Girls- Dancers/Singers to play teenagers as well as Car Hop Girls who can dance on roller skates, Proficiency on roller skates a must. Calendar Girls-Young women who can act sexy, may do the splits.

Ensemble Women-Dancers/singers to play adult women and parents.

More information for this production can be obtained by calling the BACP at 918-258-0077. The BACP is located in The Main Place at 1800 S. Main in downtown Broken Arrow. “Happy Days: A New Musical” is produced by special arrangement with Samuel French, Inc. This production is made possible in part by grants from the Oklahoma Arts Council and the National Endowment for the Arts. The BACP would like to thank Landmark Business Systems and Arkansas Valley Bank for their generous sponsorship of the 2017-2018 Season. The Broken Arrow Community Playhouse is a member of the Oklahoma Community Theatre Association and the American Association of Community Theatre.


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