Broken Arrow Bus Drivers: Big Winners!


The Broken Arrow Public Schools transportation department has honored three drivers with BA’s Best Bus Driver awards.

Bus riders wrote and submitted essays to nominate their favorite drivers, and the winners were recognized at an employee appreciation banquet.

Nancy Mathis won the elementary division thanks to an essay by Reina Spino, a student at Wolf Creek.

Reina wrote in part, “She is so nice, thoughtful, kind and safe. I really love you and it feels like you are a part of my family. She is nice and happy all the time, [she is]like a joy all the time [and]like a friend to me.”

Oneta Ridge student Hope Wells nominated her driver, J.W. Berry of Bus 146, in the middle school division.

Hope wrote, “Our bus driver has personally learned all of our names. He is nice and friendly when he greets us as we get on the bus.”

Hope also recognized Berry for going above and beyond to make sure his students found the bus after school.

She wrote, “There was this one time he parked in a different place, but he got out of the bus and stood by the school’s door and caught all of us to tell us where the bus was. He enjoys his job and now I enjoy my ride.”

Bonnie Hummel, in her 10th year as a Broken Arrow driver, won the high school category. She was nominated by Michelle Renaud-Tussey on behalf of her son, Austin.

“Not only is Bonnie joyful, she is kind and thoughtful in her gestures while providing transportation for Austin,” Renaud-Tussey wrote. “In the many years Austin has been riding the bus to and from school, this would have to be the most impactful. Bonnie takes the time to greet Austin cheerfully. Even when [he]doesn’t reciprocate, she continues with her cheerful manner.”

Renaud-Tussey also shared that Hummel’s personal touch affects more than her son.

“What stands out the most is that each and every day when she picks him up and circles the bus around, she always slows down long enough for Austin and me to offer each other a final goodbye for the day!” she wrote. “As a mom, this makes my heart happy…it’s a wonderful way to start each day. Thank you, Bonnie!”

Marvita Vick earned an honorable mention award thanks to a submission from Early Childhood Center student Stratton Miller. Stratton submitted a “Marvita tree,” with ornaments filled in positive traits.

Do you think this sounds like a job for you or someone you know? Broken Arrow Public Schools is currently hiring bus drivers, aides and mechanics.

The district offers flexible schedules, paid training and year-round pay. Interested candidates can apply through the employment tab at For more information, contact the transportation department at 918-259-4550.



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