This Group is Making Our Community Even Better!


Food on the Move is a collaborative organization formed in 2014 to tackle the food desert of Tulsa. With the help of partners from various government, education and business entities, the goal has been to bring food and other resources to parts of the city where many have little access.  For many Tulsans, there are no full-scale grocery stores within a reasonable distance of their home.  Thus, they are left with few options for fresh or healthy food in their neighborhood.  Taylor Hanson of the band, Hanson, saw this need and worked with many others in the food justice realm to try something new.  He and his team host events in two different locations in north Tulsa each month where food trucks, a mobile grocer and our other partners gather to meet the needs of nearby residents. A combination of locally harvested and donated produce is also provided to those in need.

This is not merely a charity, however. Food on the Move runs on a pay-as-you-can model so that anyone can take part. We make it a fun event for anyone to  join. Some of Tulsa’s best food trucks serve their food at our event while a DJ plays music and guests often get to enjoy live entertainment. Our hope is that we have buy-in from the whole community so that it can not only be self-sustaining, but also bring different corners of our city together in an intentional way.

We hope to continue to expand Food on the Move to more locations in the coming years to meet more needs in our metro area. We hope community buy-in will lead to more urban gardening, economic growth and an eventual end to the Tulsa food desert. Our near-term goal is to simply provide easily-accessible nourishment and access to resources many people take for granted.



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