Check Out Broken Arrow’s New Treasure Hunt!


The first of several public art installations in the City of Broken Arrow will be visible on Nov. 13, 2017.

The art, created by area artist duo “Additional Awesome,” will appear in several Broken Arrow city parks, beginning with Nienhuis Park, 3201 N. 9th St.

Tulsa-area artists Andrew Harmon and Alisa Inglett have combined their talents to create a public art treasure hunt in several Broken Arrow parks. To find the first treasure in Nienhuis Park, Look for a subtle circle among the trees. It will be created by using a material that has color during the day and is reflective at night. Taking a flash photo at night is sure to amaze.

In collaboration with the Broken Arrow Parks and Recreation Department, Additional Awesome is striving to bring awareness to the local parks of Broken Arrow and to engage people through participation and experience. Selected parks’ art installations will only be visible from one perspective and should last until March after being washed away by exposure to the weather.

Harmon and Inglett believe art should be fun and illustrate it within their creations. They hope by experiencing their installations, viewers will walk away with inspiration and the potential for a new perspective.


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