Big Announcement Made for Rose District


“This is the new gateway to the Rose District. It will greet visitors as they enter from the north. It is by far the largest private investment to date in the Rose District.”

There is a four-story retail/office/residential development coming to the Rose District where the former church was torn down last fall. Construction should begin in early 2018 with a hopeful completion date in early 2019. In conjunction with this project, the City of Broken Arrow will also continue the Rose District streetscaping look one more block north, taking it to Elgin.


Watch the full video announcement on the Rose District Facebook page HERE



  1. I think this is wonderful for the Rose District. I just wish investors weren’t buying up every single house that goes on the market in that area. Homes will not appraise for asking price so investors swoop in and make a cash offer. I’m not against them doing their thing and making money, just wish local BA residents who truly love the area had a fighting chance.

    • Agreed! It’s not fun when your offer can’t compare to an all cash offer. Oh well, we will move to midtown I suppose and get the same charm, more amenities, and be close to everything.

  2. Yeah right,but up all the old folks houses real cheap, put in parking lots for What? You closed down most of the bars on Main street just to build more