Party in the Dark in Broken Arrow!


Broken Arrow Roller Sports is now offering GLOW parties on Friday nights! The skating rink has offered birthday parties for ages, and now, in addition to the traditional Saturday and Sunday gatherings, you can have a Friday night bash, complete with….glowing!

Glow Themes Birthday Parties are limited to two spots and held on Friday and Saturday evenings during our open public skating sessions. The Price on this party is $180 for your first 10 guests including the birthday child. Each additional guest is $12.00. Parents of birthday child and invitees are welcome to skate no extra charge. Additional skaters not paid for as part of party must pay normal session pricing.

Also included are 3 pitchers of soda (additional pitchers are $5), 10 vanilla ice cream cups, 20 GLOW necklaces, 20 GLOW bracelets and 10 pair GLOW glasses.

You will get 2 tables in the snack bar area reserved for 2 hours. These 2 tables will sit up to 16 comfortably. Included as well are 10 place settings and table coverings. The place settings include GLOW plates, GLOW cups, GLOW utensils and napkins. There is a GLOW centerpiece and balloon bouquet as well. (colors and sizes may vary due to availability)

Get more info HERE or call Broken Arrow Roller Sports at 918-251-6200.


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