Hobby Lobby is coming to BA


Hobby Lobby is coming to Broken Arrow soon.

Work has already being on the property to get it ready just west of Sprouts between the Broken Arrow Expressway and Lynn Lane.
Hobby Lobby has three Tulsa stores and it rumored one of them would close and move to BA. The only confirmation was there will be a store located in BA.
The store’s history goes back four decades.
In 1970, entrepreneurs David and Barbara Green, along with their young family, began making miniature picture frames in their garage. A few years later, on August 3, 1972, the Green family opened the first Hobby Lobby store with a mere 300 square feet of retail space. Hobby Lobby has not stopped growing since.
Today, Hobby Lobby Stores, Inc., headquartered in Oklahoma City, operates over 600 stores across the nation that average 55,000 square feet. Hobby Lobby is an industry leading retailer offering more than 70,000 arts, crafts, hobbies, home decor, Holiday, and seasonal products.
Hobby Lobby is included in Forbes’ annual list of America’s largest private companies. While Hobby Lobby continues to grow steadily, the company carries no long-term debt.



    • That’s what I was about to say! I can walk to it. 101st and Elm. Been here awhile too. I guess people forget BA extends south of 71st sometimes. Lol.

  1. We already have one at 101st and Elm! There’s a whole half of Broken Arrow south of 71st that I guess people forget about. Lol.

    • I sure hope they aren’t closing this store! It’s really close to me and we NEED it to stay at 101st & Elm. I think they DO forget that Broken Arrow goes south of 71st….a lot of the time. We need businesses out here too. We don’t want to be treated like we don’t matter. It makes me sad because we’ve lived in BA for many years and the changes over the recent years haven’t helped this part of our city much at all.

  2. Isn’t the 101st and Elm store relocating to this new area? Maybe I read that wrong somewhere else, but that’s what I thought I heard and I wasn’t happy about it. πŸ™

  3. It maybe exciting for the people living in the 71at & Lynn Lane area, but down here is S. BA businesses are leaving. We need The Shops @ Aspen Creek to get with it. We want what we were promised when you built the Warren.

  4. Yay! Tammela Dawn, yes BA already has a Hobby Lobby store but this one will be so close to us. Now if we can just get them to stay open all night. I know, no way. Lol.

  5. Moving businesses to 71st like Hobby Lobby and the new Sprouts forces me to shop in Bixby/Tulsa @ 101st & Memorial. It takes less time to get there than 71st. That’s what happens when you build businesses far from potential customers who live in the Indian Springs area. !!!

  6. They sell thousands of items that are made by children in other countries and they refuse to cover contraception for female employees yet cover viagra for male employees.

    • Yeah. I kind of boycott them. They don’t support contraception, but get a lot of their profits through cheap goods made in from China, with it’s “forced abortion” policies. I can’t support that. Just a personal decision. Not pushing it on anyone else. Shop and enjoy.

    • Especially because of their stand on covering women’s contraceptives. You can’t just decide to not give women a choice on contraception yet you cover Viagra for your male employees. It’s like putting women in a prison. The woman has no way to protect herself against unwanted pregnancy when her husband is full of Viagra and is climbing all over her trying to have intercourse and then she doesn’t have any choice but to become pregnant. At that point you’re pushing your religious beliefs on to your employees.

    • Lonewolf Steven Goad, Thanks for the mansplaining. Actually, I researched the case thoroughly as it progressed, using both media and legal journal resources. And, discussions with friends in the legal profession. And, smh, Vox is considered a media company. And, not the most objective, at that. You cherry-picked one single article from the many on the issue on the site and used it to wag your finger at us. That’s not exactly fact checking. But, listen. I choose not to shop there. It’s my business, but, if you want to shop there, be my guest. I will it insult you like some of you have chosen to do.

    • Let me add to this again. If you as a woman work for St. John’s or St. Francis and your husband wants a vasectomy it is not covered by your insurance, nor is a tubal ligation. But generic birth control is under the women’s preventive part of the Affordable Care Act. And religious entities are not the only companies doing this.

  7. Just moved to the bixby/Jenks area and would be great if Hobby Lobby would build off of 75….As it stands closest Hobby Lobby in Harvard!…UGH….should have stayed in BA😒

  8. I don’t think the new Reasor’s is going in front of the Warren. There is another development being planned on the NW corner of 121st and Aspen and rumor has it a new Reasor’s is the anchor for that corner. I went to the BA City Planning Commision meeting where they approved the zoning change for that corner.