41 Summer Boredom Busters for Kids


summer_kidsI ran across this list of things to make your kids do when they start whining that they’re bored. It’s called the Boredom Buster game! Simply print out the list below (we’ve got 41 for you; you’re more than welcome to add and subtract as you see fit) and cut the list into strips. Place all of the ideas in a jar, and when the kids start moaning and groaning that “there’s nothing to do, Mooooooom!”, have them randomly choose a piece of paper from the jar. Problem solved.

If your kids are being particularly whiny, add more ideas to the jar, like “scrub the toilet” and “clean the baseboards” and I bet they’ll think twice before complaining.

  1. Play in the Sprinklers
  2. Play Hangman
  3. Play Jacks
  4. Bake a Cake from Scratch
  5. Visit an Elderly Neighbor
  6. Watch a Black and White Movie (My favorite as a kid was “Young Frankenstein”)
  7. Make up a backyard scavenger hunt
  8. Write a Letter to a Relative
  9. Set Up A Lemonade Stand in your Front Yard
  10. Research a Favorite Subject Online (sharks, bears & kittens are always fun!)
  11. Give the Dog a Bath
  12. Learn How to Tie a Rope 3 Different Ways (there’s a App for that!)
  13. Play Checkers
  14. Play Chinese Checkers
  15. Water Gun Shooting Competition
  16. Toilet Paper Fashion Show
  17. Stargaze
  18. Make a Kite and Fly It
  19. Make an Origami Animal
  20. Redecorate a room
  21. Make a Tent out of sheets in the living room
  22. Create a Play with props and all
  23. Learn First Aid
  24. Make a bottle rocket (always wear safety goggles)
  25. Make a Family Tree
  26. Wash the Car
  27. Plan a Garage Sale
  28. Learn the sign language alphabet
  29. Walk the Pets / Play with the Pets
  30. Visit a Farmers Market
  31. Donate Unwanted Toys to Charity
  32. Have a Backyard Campout
  33. Make a Cardboard Doll House
  34. Play Hide n’ Seek
  35. Charades
  36. Learn to Two step, Macarena, or Square Dance! (or play some kind of dance game)
  37. Toilet Paper / Paper Towel Marble Maze
  38. Set up (and knock down) Dominos
  39. Plant a flower garden
  40. Learn the basics of a Different Language (learn the numbers, or some animals for when you visit a zoo)
  41. (Bonus) Memorize Something Important (The 10 Commandments, Declaration of Independence, a Poem)


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