Five Tips for Lips + 1


lipsLovely ladies have lovely lips! Here are some tips to get your Smooch Central up to maximum prettiness!

1. Use your toothbrush to buff your lips. Just add a little sugar and water to your toothbrush and rub it over your lips SOFTLY. After lightly brushing your lips, add a lip balm on top. I recommend doing this before you go to bed, this will allow the balm to sink in and you will wake up with pillow soft lips.

2. Opt for a clear or nude lip liner. Trace the outline of your lips and then fill the whole lip lightly with your liner. Your lipstick will last longer and your liner will be invisible.

3. Want to create a fuller pout? After applying your favorite lipstick, add a touch of shimmery lip gloss in a lighter shade just to the center of your lower lip.

4. Afraid your lipstick will feather? Apply a light concealer in a tracing motion lightly around your lips. The color will stay on your lips and not bleed out.

5. Don’t underestimate a beautifully tinted lip balm. In cold weather it will protect your lips from chapping and add a luscious soft color.

6. Apply a lip balm to your lips while applying the rest of your makeup in the morning. The result is conditioned lips that will allow your lipstick to apply evenly.

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